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General Newness as of 11-13-16

My archives of wetlook formals gowns and dresses are unusable, looks like they have been shreaded by hackers and malicious shit scattered all over, will have to rebuild the entire set of pages. What the fuck. November in Colorado. I'll get some updates rounded up when the weather drives me indoors. If you have images, stories or whatever to contribute please do. As always, enjoy

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Wetlook Wedding Gowns

Wetlook Wedding Gowns 456 photos
Once Upon A Gown Photography 75 Photos
Camille and Gary renew their Wetting Vows

Wetlook Formal Gowns and Dresses

Wetlook Formal Dresses and Gowns 67 photos
Wetlook Formal Gown Archives --> Well it looks like my archives pages have been hacked, I took out the link.
Camille's Wetlook Formal Dresses and Gowns
Black and White formal images 32 B&W photos
The Stories Page -->Twenty Eight Stories 1-02-05

A Wetting Album Favorite links...

Updated 1-10-16

Once Upon A Gown Photography Very nice wedding wetlook!
Wetlook Forum The place to go for wetlook
A Splash of Glamour
Wet Kahuna
Ultimate Messy Directory
Great Wet Bride Videos Type in "Trash the Dress"
Flickr site, Wet Brides 200 plus pages
Trash the Dress Australia Good photos, never an update
Minx Movies
Looking for a link to put here...